Princess Wave Closure (4*4)

Princess Wave Closure (4*4)

PrettyDae hair closures (4*4) are very soft and flowy, easy to maintain, and can last with proper hair care. 


100% Virgin Human Hair/Well constructed/TRANSPARENT LACE

Can Be Flat Iron, Wash and Blow Dried, Can be Dyed Any Color You Prefer and Minimum Shedding

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  • Hair Care Tips

    *Co wash the hair with conditioner/ shampooing is optional

    *Lay hair flat or hang and allow to air dry completely

    *DO NOT use a bow dryer or use low hair dryer temperatures

    *Condition hair with a deep conditioner for 10 min to 1 hr

    *After deep conditioning, rinse throughly with warm water

    *Towel or tee shirt dry (suggested) and detangle hair with wide tooth  comb

    *Straight hair should be brushed with a paddle brush

    *Curly hair should be combed and styled with finger or combed with dimming brush

    *Wavy hair should be combed with a wide tooth comb