Tear Drop Beauty Blender

Teardrop sponges for foundation and concealer which is Ideal for applying liquid and compact textures. Sponges are latex free, odar free, eco friendly and non allergenic. Its smooth and soft yet firm enough for bounce perfection.  When wet sponge expandes to double the size. Thanks to the unique pointed structure, they create a precise and accurate makeup look. Convenient and durable, they’re perfect for everyday use.


The unique teardrop shape makes the product extremely functional: 

 - the rounded side ensures even, streak-free application, with precise definition of the features and an even finish; 
 - the pointed side facilitates product application in even the hard-to-reach areas, like the eye contour and the corners of the nose. 


The unique porosity allows you to pick up the perfect amount of product, for a flawless application without wasting a drop. The soft consistency makes it pleasant and efficient to use.

Tear Drop Beauty Blender