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Do I need to prepare my bundles before install?

Yes, it is best that you do a co-wash of your PrettyDae bundles before an install. Like your real hair, bundles look best freshly cleaned! If possible, a deep condition is best whenever washing your bundles! We suggest leaving a moisturizing **Sulfate Free** conditioner on your hair for a few hours!

Can I dye my PrettyDae Extensions?

Yes, you can dye our bundles! However, we STRONGLY recommend that you allow an experienced hair care professional to color your hair extensions.


Do you offer gift cards?

At the time we do not offer gift cards but they will be coming soon. If your looking to purchase a gift card and its not listed on website please send me an email at and I will be able to provide gift cards per request.


What is the return policy?
All sales are FINAL. If you notice a problem with your order, please email us within 3 business days of receiving order. (More info on returns is listed on HOME/SHIPPING/RETURNS page).


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